Domaine de Pré-Lavit

Une fleur du renouveau paysan

Photo des fraises de la ferme

The fruits of nature

Gravure - Citrouilles

Working to the rhythm of the seasons is a challenge that brings us to the greatest of rewards, that of simply offering you vital foods.

Background - Fromage
Photo - Lactation

To the rhythm of the seasons

Our cheese production is exclusively adapted to the natural reproductive cycle of our goats and sheep to give both you and them the pleasure of living the seasons without forgetting that our range of cheeses is already being refined for the winter season.

Le processus d’affinage

The maturing process

It all starts by curdling the milk of our goats and sheep. Moulded, this rennet curd is drained for about 24 hours and then removed from the mould. Then, the maturing process begins, passing through the stages that shape the character of the varieties of cheese that perfectly push our taste buds’ buttons.

Les types de fromages
Bûches de fromages de chèvre

The types of cheese

For matured cheeses, the choice is between soft lactic cheese, obtained by slow curdling at low temperature, and pressed uncooked cheese, obtained by faster curdling and then pressed at the time of moulding to remove as much whey as possible, and finally put into the maturing process.
Our dairy products also include a beautiful variety of yoghurts, cottage cheeses and butters, as well as whey, which has been proven to have a positive effect on the immune system.
Finally, the ice creams made with the fruity aromas of the Grand-Jardin bring a touch of sweetness.

Gravure - Rameau et bougeons


Radishes, salads, turnips, white onions, asparagus, strawberries, new potatoes, carrots and spinach announce the Nature’s awakening.

Photo - Aubergine en été
Gravure - Fraise


The sun’s great symphony gives life to tomatoes, green beans, courgettes, aubergines, peppers, cucumbers, melons and other touches of the Grand-Jardin.

Gravure - Feuille de chêne


Nature begins to doze off and, waiting for her sleep, scatters more pumpkins, tomatoes, celery and cabbage.

Photo - Vaches en hiver
Gravure - Hiver


The tranquillity deepens in the forest’s warm hues with its mists and sometimes the welcoming snow, reminding us that it’s time for good soups to fill the home with its pumpkins, leeks, carrots, endives, lamb’s lettuce, celery, beets, dandelions and cabbages.

Gravure - Soleil (agenda)