Domaine de Pré-Lavit

Une fleur du renouveau paysan

Photo - Les restanques de Pré-Lavit

An agroforestry farm

Gravure - Outil

Our farming methods are based on cycles of nature in order to further develop awareness of rural activity, integrated into its context. The flavour of our honeys, eggs and meats expresses the rich harmony of our ecosystem.

“It is a fantasy to pretend that agriculture can have a general approach: a different one would be needed for each province or municipality, since each province should work to perfect only what it possesses, and only experiment with crops suited to its soil.”
Excerpt from the portable farmer’s dictionary by Pons Augustin Alletz, written in 1760

Le Grand-Jardin, a source of biodiversity, is our vegetable garden, and the guardian of mediterranean culinary treasures.

Gravure - Citrouille
Photo - Potager

The Grand Jardin shows off its market gardening produce exclusively in the open ground, based on the principle of cultural association for a rich variety of vegetables and fruit.
The milk of the Alpine goat and the Brigasque sheep allows us to produce a fine range of cheeses, butters and yoghurts, the remarkable quality of which remains linked to the natural context of its environment.

Photo - Maraîcher

Our responsability as a breeder commits us to animal welfare also being a standard of our activities.

Gravure - Chèvre
Photo du taureau

Our Alpine goats, Brigasque sheep, Aubrac cows, Provence donkeys and Mérens horses enjoy grazing in woods and meadows, offering each species a vast choice of food, thus ensuring the quality of our products.
Any food supplements used are only made up of raw, unprocessed products of organic origin.
Our cows, donkeys and horses live in the fresh air.
In addition to our health obligations, the health of our animals is also maintained with natural methods and products.

Photo - brebis