Domaine de Pré-Lavit

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Extraordinary men and women on a day to day basis

Gravure - Abeille sur branche

Above and beyond their status as employees, the Humans involved in the Pré-Lavit movement are first and foremost the foundation of programmes in which everyone is called upon to be versatile and adapt to the seasons and circumstances, encouraging complementary professional training.
This creativity is what makes our team the organisation that expresses itself under the leadership of our Chief Operating Officer, Lydie-Laure.

Équipe des éleveurs
Gravure - Fourche

The breeders

Through breeding methods that characterise their approach, our breeders develop a real bond with the animals whose behaviour unequivocally expresses calm and confidence for each other’s wellbeing. Our breeders thus develop a network of pastures, which allows the rotation of herds on their natural pastures composed of a wide variety of species, maintained and managed according to seasonal needs.

Gravure - Pelle

The market gardeners

Artists of the Grand-Jardin, our market gardeners grow real fruits and vegetables to the rhythm of the inaudible symphony of Mother Nature to nourish the body without any false touches.

Gravure - Scie


Our landscape foresters work in close collaboration with the Centre Régional de la Propriété Forestière (Regional Forest Property Centre).
Together with the breeders, the on-site activity of this team promotes the management of wildlife and its habitats.